In the practice of the French weaver Marie Hazard, the movement is understood not from its pictorial representation, but from the making of the work, that is, at the moment in which all its entity enters rhythm with its loom for the manufacture of textiles In the case of Borders, the movement is based on the concept.

In the presented series, Marie felt close to one of the practical objects that are part of the mexicaneidad: colorful market bags. With them he concentrated on a compositional level in the patterns and colors of each one after observing them, deconfiguring them and then assembling them according to the opacity and transparency that he was deciphering.

Borders, besides being a dismemberment and collage of plastic fabrics, is an exploration on the symbol of the object, in this case a bag that transits, which is loaded with situations and travels freely without understanding borders; the unfolding of an object that unites and throws new contours with the intervention of the weaver.