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Marie Hazard lives and works in Paris. Born in 1994 in Le Havre, she graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2017 in London with a BA in textile design. Her medium of choice is weaving and printing. Weaving has long been considered more as a craft than as art, but weaving techniques have entered in the vocabulary of contemporary fine art through the work of Bauhaus artists such as Anni Albers, and later, through the Arte Povera movement, including the work of Alighiero Boetti, with whom Hazard has shown in 2020. Marie Hazard works with different concepts and sources, abstracts or not, highlighting memories and promises. Literature, disposable photographs from her travels, abstracts paintings, are used to question the displacement and the position of the viewer. This is particularly relevant in her recent “spirals” works, represented as a vortex following a single law: never being interrupted. In 2019, she went to Mexico City for her first artist residency. Three years later, Hazard came back to Mexico and visited São Paulo, Brazil to pursue her research in textiles. She created “Potyra” with her friend Sophie de Mello Franco; a non-profit project to support the construction of an art center among at helping the young community in Serra Grande (Bahia, BR). Today, Hazard’s work can be found in many private and international collections. She also participated in a performance project at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in 2019 and is currently working on a new performance which will take place at the Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City in 2024.




- The Journal Gallery, New York, USA

- Rorvig Contemporary, Rorvig, Denmark

- Chloé curates, Milan, Italy 



- Alexandre Berggruen, L’air sous mes pieds, New York, USA

- Galeria Mascota, Couldn´t create thread, Mexico City, Mexico



Galerie Mitterrand, Rendez-vous, Paris, France


- Sunday-s Gallery, On hold, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Domaine Du Muy, Pierre Paulin & Marie Hazard: Color field, Le Muy, Provence, France
- Marc Jancou Contemporary, Alighiero Boetti & Marie Hazard, Rossiniere, Switzerland



- OV project, Japanese Bamboo & Marie Hazard, Brussels, Belgium

- Rorvig Contemporary Art, Rorvig, Denmark
- Casa Lu Gallery, Borders, Mexico City, Mexico



Sunday-s Gallery, Jump run breathe, Copenhagen, Denmark


Galerie Valerie Delaunay, Between the lines, Paris, France



Galerie Nicaise, Broder sa couleur, Paris, France



Galerie Valerie Delaunay, Fils sous tensions, Paris, France




- upcoming Sim Smith curated by Tim Garwood, Martin Creed, Chris Martin, The Estate of John Hoyland, Sadie Laska, Marie Hazard, Hannah Beerman, Hilda Kortei, London, UK

- upcoming Salon am Moritzplatz Berlin - Dakar, curated by Sophia Rilling, Pierre Moulinier, Konrad Winzer, Marie Hazard, Jeewi Lee, Fabian Knecht, Richard Long, Aliou 'Badou' Diack, Sine Saloum, Berlin, Germany

- Lucas Ratton, curated by Sandra Benhamou, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Catherine Lee, Alicia Kwade, Dan Pollock, Marie Hazard, Saint Tropez, France

- Galeria Mascota, Planes trains & automobiles, Nicolas Shake, William Anastasi, Charlotte vander Borght, Marie Hazard, Alex Hubbard, Mexico City, Mexico



- Sundays-s Gallery, Samuel Levi Jones & Marie Hazard, Copenhagen, Denmark 

- Denny Dimin Gallery, Diedrick Brackens, Judy Ledgerwood, Cristina Camacho, Marie Hazard, Hong Kong



- Alexander Berggruen, Shapes, Mary Heilmann, Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Marina Adams, Imi Knoebel, Marie Hazard, Josh Sperling, Richard Serra, Anna Kunz, New York, USA

- Sunday-s, Otis Jones & Marie Hazard, Copenhagen, Denmark



- Galeria Mascota, All of sudden, Mai Thu Perret, William Anastasi, Dike Blair, Dove Bradshaw, Lucy Dodd, Hadi Fallahpisheh, Marie Hazard, Brook Hsu, Kazuo Kadonaga, Mohammed Namou, Blair Thurman, Michael Ross, Aspen, Colorado, USA

- KÖNIG, Summer show, tunji adeniyi-jones, gianna dispenza, william grob, marie hazard, yva jung, ming lu, ruben maria, prendi, jack penny, machteld rullens, francois xavier saint pierre, anastasia savinova, karolin schwab, London, UK

- Sunday-s at black, Copenhagen, Denmark



- Rental Gallery, The summer haunts my reverie, curated by Kenny Schachter, Mark Grotjahn, Henry Moore, Rita Ackermann, Roy Lichtenstein, Jacqueline Humphries, Joel Mesler, Vito Acconci, Dan Asher, Ricci Albenda, Katherine Bernhardt, William Kentridge, Misaki Kawai, Marie Hazard, Robert Gunderman, Kenny Schachter, Hamptons, NY, USA

- Sunday-s Gallery, curated by Peter Ibsen, Frank Moll, Aribert Von Ostrowski, Marie Hazard, Thomas Arnolds, Copenhagen, Denmark

- Morgan Fine Arts and Film Center, Crocodile tears with Sarah Arriagada, Lucas Biagini, Felix Bucklow, Sam Drake, Dove Hays, Marie Hazard, Hwi Hahm, David Hendrickson, Jamie Johnson, Isabelle Maschal O’Donnell, Sin Park, Brian Rattiner,  New York, USA

- Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Crosscurent, Tokyo, Japan 



Central Saint Martins, diploma exhibition, London, UK



- Galerie Nicolas Hugo, Triumvirate, jennifer abessira, marie hazard, margaux valengin, Brussels, Belgium

- Salon de Montrouge, mini art textile, Paris, France



- Central Saint Martins, Design & make, London, UK

- Galerie Valerie Delaunay, Ouvrage de dames with Claire Chesnier, Marie Drouet, Leyla Goormaghtigh, Marie Hazard, Emeline Piot,  Paris, France



2014      Central Saint Martins – BA (hons) textile design – London, UK

2013      Beaux Arts de Paris - evening classes – Paris, France

2012      Atelier de Sevres - Art Foundation – Paris, France



2024     THREAD, Albers Foundation & Le Korsa, Sinthian, Senegal


2023     Villa Belleville, Paris, France


2022     Massapê Project, São Paulo, Brasil


2019     Casalu, Mexico City, Mexico 


2017     Prize Clothworkers Material Fund, London, UK

2014     Marcel Blanchet Bleustein (Finalist), Paris, France





2023    Albaream, Text by Cy Schnabel, Published by Zolo Press


2022    Marie Hazard - Monograph, Texts by Olivier Berggruen & George Liu, Published by Zolo Press






Art Paris, Galerie Mitterrand

Art Basel, Hong Kong, Galerie Mitterrand

Art Genève, Galerie Mitterrand 



Art Basel, Hong Kong, Galerie Mitterrand 

Art Paris, Galerie Mitterrand 

Material Art Fair, Galeria Mascota



Art Paris, Galerie Mitterrand 



Zona Maco - Ov Project 

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